the allergy + free from show highlights

This weekend I ventured to the allergy + free from show in Kensington Olympia for the first time ever – and I am so glad I went!

There were a few highlights for me.

One was hearing Dr Adam Fox speak on recent advances on food allergy research. It gave me hope for future generations  – although it made me a little sad that I didn’t know all the information when Aars was a babe in arms with severe eczema. He shared research demonstrating food allergies in children is linked to their infancy and severe eczema, with them coming into skin contact with the allergens. He also explained the LEAP and LEAP-ON studies really well, spoke on the history of egg allergy and briefly looked at allergy and bullying. I have to quickly say the positive learnt was that parent intervention when bullying does occur, is effective.

I got to meet some of the pure potions team. They have  product aptly named “skin salvation” – we call it “magic cream” because for us it is magic! We discovered the magic cream when Aars was about nine months old and it changed our lives. We still use it to this day – thankfully Aars has only had 2 skin reactions in the last two weeks. Both times the school have washed the area and applied the “magic cream” as we refer to it- and by the time he’s home the blisters have disappeared. At his last school they refused to do anything, so by the time he got home the blisters had turned to pustules and took 3 months of daily applied prescribed steroid cream to shift them. Having learnt about the importance of keeping babies skin protected from allergens I highly recommend pure potion products as the means to do this.

Another delight was discovering Alert5. Everyone who has a child with anaphylaxis aged 10 or over needs to know about Alert-5! It’s an incredible phone app you set up incase of anaphylaxis. If your child goes into anaphylactic shock they just need to double tap their phone (accessible even if screen is locked) and an alarm is sounded,  5 chosen contacts and the emergency services (if you’ve provided medical info) are alerted with the exact location of your child provided via GPS. They will still have to administer the AAI themselves, but this app will alleviate some of the stresses of being parent to a child/teen with anaphylaxis and it’s only £4.99 per annum. We will be downloading it onto Aars phone ready for the summer holidays and I’ll let you know how we go with it.

Although I’ve already met Christina (she’s an incredible local free-from baker) – it was great to meet her colleagues on the Can I Eat There? team. If you have not come across it – Can I Eat There? is a fab tool for people with allergies who want to eat out. Excitingly they are working with AllergyUK to create an accreditation scheme for foodservice operators in the UK.

The other awesome highlight was meeting Anni, from Anni’s Country Kitchen and getting to enjoy on her beautiful gluten-free, egg-free treats.

The weirdest stand at the allergy + free from show (for me) was the plastic surgeon focusing on breasts and bums!?! Not sure what that had to do with allergy and free-from… maybe free-from nature or free-from gravity… any other suggestions welcome 🙂

If you are able to make it to the allergy + free from show in Liverpool on the 7th or 8th November I highly recommend it! There is the opportunity to purchase flours and foods at discounted prices. And if I were you I would buy every bit of food available from Anni – load up your granny trolly!

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