A journey away from anaphylaxis

My son is ten. He has suffered from extreme food allergies all his life and suffered from anaphylaxis four times.

I wish for him to live as full a life as possible. So he has travelled! Done safaris in Malawi, desert camping in the Sahara and enjoyed the more western luxuries of Malibu!

Food however has always been a tricky and complex issue – (I will probably write more on this at another time) but in the last 9 months it seemed to be spiralling way out of control with two anaphylaxis from his normally “safe” foods.

The good news was that we were referred by the wonderful GP here to a research hospital in London where they have more of a clue than the hospitals here in the sticks.

It has been a huge learning curve for me since the referral, and I have realised how so many parents struggle with food for their children who suffer from anaphylaxis. My son and I love to bake so I thought we could share our recipes and hopefully alleviate the stress surrounding parents who are trying to scrutinise the tiny writing on the “free-from” products to ensure the food is safe for their children.

Hopefully this can be a place where you can share your FREE 2 BAKE recipes too! So that parents who find themselves with a child suffering from extreme allergies will have a ready resource of recipes which are tried and tested and most importantly TASTY.

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