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I am über excited to be partnering with some awesome allergy aware and super helpful organisations.

alert5Alert 5 - Perfect App for teenagers who suffer from anaphylaxis

Once this app's set up it provides us parents with a little more peace of mind. If you child suffers from anaphylactic shock they can double tap the help button triggering the following:

  1. Alert the 5 ICE contacts you've set up in the app.
  2. Call an ambulance.
  3. Provide ICE contacts & ambulance with exact GPS location.
  4. Provide ambulance with photo of your child so they know who they are looking for.
  5. Provide ambulance with relevant medical records (e.g. allergies, meds).
  6. It can also sound an alarm, or light flashes to enable the paramedics to find your child as swiftly as possible.

Alert5 only costs £4.99 per annum, you know that your teen is never far from their phone, so this is a small price to pay for a little more peace of mind. If you do sign up, please let them know you heard about Alert5 here at Cheers!


CIET_logo_20150313Can I eat there? The free app to help you eat out with food allergies and intolerances.

Can I eat there? has been created to enable families who live with food allergies to eat out with minimal stresses and anxiety. You input your dietary needs, and the app will help you find a safe place to eat. Can I eat there? are currently working with Allergy UK to develop an accreditation scheme for restaurants which will make eating out even safer and simpler. For now it is reliant on allergy ambassadors like me to review and rate restaurants in their ability to cater safely for those with food allergies and intolerances. Go set up your personal profile now!

what does C mean? … cup measures explained!

what does C mean? … cup measures explained!

Some questions I have been asked of late: “What does C stand for in ingredients?” “How much is 1 Cup in ingredients” … here is the way of enlightenment! Really simple so children can measure ingredients out pretty accurately!



This little hand-held spiraliser is super easy to use & clean. Spiralising is a great way to prepare your vegetables for lots of different dishes like salads, broths, vegetable spaghettis and the slightly less healthy crisps & fries.

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