Roasted Sweet Potato, Red Pepper (& Chilli) Soup

winter warmer

This is a real winter warmer and an exceedingly comforting soup. I started making it when my son was weening and loved sweet potato puree. I discovered I liked it too; but being me, I desired a kick of chilli and the crunch of roasted veg/seeds or nuts to accompany it! I make this soup excessively thick – like a puree; you can see in the photo that the pine nuts and sweet potato chips are able to sit on top of the soup without sinking. If you prefer you can make it thinner by adding more vegetable stock. I always make mine with red pepper as  I think it balances the flavour well and adds another little dimension. The point of all my blogs is to show easy ways to make food you can eat if you have allergies, so if you can’t eat red peppers and have another safe veg roast that instead. The same goes if you prefer a different veg – make food with the flavours you love or fancy on the day. I love cayenne pepper – both fresh and powdered; but you can use less or none if you or your body doesn’t appreciate it as much as me!

I always serve this soup with toasted nuts or seeds on top – this afternoon I made it with toasted pine-nuts, but I also enjoy toasted pumpkin seeds or toasted sliced almonds. That’s because they’re my favourites and Aars is not allergic to them. You can toast different seeds or nuts which you think go well with the sweet potato – we all have our own preferences. The toasted seeds/nuts add a warm, mellow flavour and bit of texture to the soup. I also keep one chunk of sweet potato to serve on top – either cut into chips as seen in this photo, or in little chunks like croutons!

fresh veg

Roasted Sweet Potato, Red Pepper & Chilli Soup – Ingredients

Olive oil, muscovado sugar, cayenne pepper powder, fresh cayenne chilli, fresh birds eye chilli, sweet potato, red pepper, vegetable stock, pine nuts

Roasted Sweet Potato, Red Pepper & Chilli Soup -Process (serves one – me! easy to multiply for your friends)

  • Preheat the oven to 200ºC
  • Cut the following in half:
    • 1 large sweet potato (they only had tiny ones in the shop so I used two small ones)
    • 1 large red pepper (and de-seed it)
      IMG_3561 copy
      making a marinade
  • Create a marinade in a heat proof dish:
    • 2 glugs of olive oil
    • 1 Tbsp muscovado sugar
    • 1 tsp cayenne pepper powdered (you may want to halve this)
    • 2 Chillies chopped small (I used one birdseye and one cayenne) You may wish to use one or none!
  • Place the dish on the gas flame and warm so that the flavours infuse the oil and the sugar melts
  • Cover the sweet potato in marinade
  • Pop onto a baking tray
  • Place the red pepper halves on the baking tray
  • Pour the remaining marinade into the two pepper halves
  • Bung the baking tray into the oven
  • Cook for 30 mins
  • Make your veg stock (I use swiss bullion) you need 250 ml to make it thick like mine. (More if you want it thinner)
  • Get your seeds or nuts of choice toasting on a low flame (I recommend pine nuts or pumpkin seeds)
    IMG_3564 copy
    ready to liquidise
  • When the 30 mins are up dump everything from the baking tray into a liquidiser EXCEPT the smallest sweet potato half!
  • Pour your 250 ml of veg stock into the blender too
  • Blitz it
  • Cut up the sweet potato half into chips or croutons
  • Pour – more like dollop the soup into the bowl or mug of choice
  • Place your sweet potato chunks on top of your thick thick soup
  • Sprinkle your toasted pine-nuts ontop
  • Dig in!

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