Post-NUTS Tummy Tamer Slush!

home remedy for tummy-ache
yummy & great for my tummy

As you know we did the 7K obstacle course known as the NUTS challenge this weekend. I came out of the challenge relatively unscathed! One bruise on my arm and no aches or pains after the event. However I did get a horrifically bad stomach that night. This is my slush is full of great ingredients which help the digestive system and it definitely calmed my very bad tummy-ache.

Thus far we have raised just over £1.3K for the Anaphylaxis Campaign. If you would like to donate to this great charity you can do so here.

Post-NUTS Tummy Tamer Slush! – Fresh Ingredients

grapes, black peppermint, ginger root, ice, water

fresh veg for tummy-ache
gorgeous fresh ingredients

Post-NUTS Tummy Tamer Slush! – Process

  • Into your blender add:
    • about 20 grapes
    • a good handful of black peppermint
    • 4 cm² peeled ginger root
    • a couple of handfuls of ice
    • drizzle of water
  • Blitz
  • Pour into your glass and enjoy the heat from the ginger in your icey cold slush

I tend to have grapes in the freezer so need less ice and a little more water when I make this lovely drink.

Ginger root is used to treat all sort of digestive issues, the added bonus is it helps deal with inflammation and exercise induced muscle pains (maybe that’s why I didn’t get any post NUTS aches and pains?)

Peppermint is another well known counter to digestive issues, as it has a relaxing effect on smooth muscle tissue. It’s also toxic to some harmful organisms which I could have ingested in the mucky mud! I am lucky to have a fantastic black peppermint growing in my back garden.

Grapes have anti-inflammetory properties – what I would recommend is that you get organic grapes so that you know that they are free from pesticides and insecticides and other unhelpful chemicals. Grapes are also meant to help alleviate some symptoms of hay fever!



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