Beautiful Beetroot Savoury Muffin

super scrumptious

I have gone a little muffin-mad this week! I wanted to have a go at making a savoury baked-egg muffin and as my son thinks that idea is absurd and disgusting I made them for me! My favourite veg of all time is beetroot! So this week I experimented in making pink/burgundy food!

They worked and ended up tasting very much like the cheese scones I used to love before I had Aars. There is absolutely no dairy in them so we found this really surprising (it may be that we have been denied cheese scones for so long we don’t have a true memory of them) who knows! Anyhooo here’s the recipe, be warned it is a little messy and they are pretty pink but delicious in spite of that fact! I made them with gluten-free oats and gluten-free flour but you can use regular oats and flours if you do not want to be gluten-free.

Beautiful Beetroot Savoury Muffin – Ingredients

gluten-free oats, m!lk alternative (I used oat m!lk), fresh beetroot, gluten-free flour, mustard powder, ground cayenne pepper, fresh thyme and rosemary, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, marmite, sunflower oil, egg

beetroot & dry ingredients

Beautiful Beetroot Savoury Muffin – Process (makes about 18)

  • Pre-heat oven to 180ºC
  • Line muffin tins with muffin cases
  • In a jug add:
    • 80 g gluten-free oats
    • 260 ml m!lk alternative of your choice (I used oat m!lk)
  • Leave the oats to soak in the m!lk while you do the following.
  • In a new bowl gather your dry ingredients:
    • 200g beetroots grated (use the zesting side of your grater)
    • 220g gluten-free flour
    • ¾ tsp mustard powder
    • ¾ tsp cayenne pepper
    • 1 tsp of whichever fresh herbs you like (I did mostly thyme with a little rosemary)
    • 2 tsp baking powder
      bit pink but still scrummy!
    • ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
    • good grind of salt
  • Mix the dry ingredients up thoroughly so that the spices and herbs are well distributed
  • In a little cup add:
    • 1 generous tsp marmite
    • 2 Tbs boiling water
  • Stir until the marmite is dissolved
  • To the soaked oats add:
    • Dissolved marmite mix
    • 75 ml sunflower oil
    • 1 egg
  • Mix up these wet ingredients til the egg is well dispersed
  • Add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients
  • Add the beetroot to the mix
  • Mix (remember lumpy is lovely, smooth not so lovely)
  • Dollop into the waiting muffin cases (two thirds full for each case)
  • Pop in the warm oven
    simply delicious
  • Bake for 30 minutes
  • Get those scrummy savoury muffins out the oven
  • Let them sit in the tins for 5 mins
  • Then place the muffins on a cooling rack
  • Resist them as long as you can!

These were delicious and all gone within a couple of days! Foolishly I froze some thinking we would go through them slowly – we didn’t but I did learn that they were their VERY best when taken from the freezer, stripped of their cases, popped in a pre-heated oven of 180°C and allowed to warm thoroughly for 20 mins. Amazing! I may be doing a batch of these a week!


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