banana & blueberry vegan m!lkshake

banana & blueberry vegan m!lkshake
mmmmmmmmmm delicious & nutritious

Spring is starting to spring here in England making summery smoothies, juices and shakes all the more appealing, especially this banana & blueberry vegan m!lkshake. Of course it’s free-from dairy, soy, nuts, refined sugar… in fact this scrummy thick m!lkshake only has three ingredients in it, making it safe for most, including vegans and paleos.

I’m currently enjoying writing my blog in the garden soaking up some Spring sunshine. It’s such a treat living somewhere where the seasonal differences are so marked. I remember when we first moved to the UK being blown away by the colours of Autumn, the bleakness of Winter and then the promise of Spring. We had only ever been here for holidays in Summer when the days were long and light, and the world was green and vaguely warm.

Anyhooooo, back to this lovely spring banana & blueberry vegan m!lkshake! The banana provides a hit of sweet and the blueberries are just YUM, there are enough of the blueberries that you can still taste them in this delicious and nutritious m!lkshake.

Aars is allergic to blueberries, so I keep a secret stash of blueberries in a sealed box in the freezer and make this shake when he is at school as a post swim treat for myself. I am under the impression that the bananas ward off the cramps I used to get in my calves, so really like to make a shake after my swim. If you are using fresh blueberries (rather than frozen ones) you may want to add some ice to yours to keep your shake lovely and cool and refreshing.

The recipe makes a couple of über thick shakes – you can thin them down with coconut water or more of the m!lk alternative if you prefer a thinker m!lkshake. I hope you enjoy it, and make the most of these beautiful spring days!

peace, love and namaste,

Rai x

banana & blueberry vegan m!lkshake

  • Yield:

    serves 2
  • Cooking Method:

  • Prep Time:

    3 mins
  • Cook Time:

    0 mins
banana & blueberry vegan m!lkshake

This is a really simple dairy-free m!lkshake, perfect now the weather is warming up. There are only 3 ingredients in this simple shake so it should work for most people! I make it über thick, so you may want to increase the amount of m!lk if your prefer a thinner shake. 


  • 1 C blueberries (I use frozen ones)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 C m!lk alternative* (we use koko, a coconut m!lk)


  1. Pop all the ingredients into the blender and blitz for about a minute. 

  2. If the shake is too thick for you add some more m!lk alternative and blitz again, repeat until you get the consistency you're after.

  3. If you aren't using frozen blueberries you may want to add some ice to keep your shake cool. 


*If you are able to use nut m!lks in your home almond or hazelnut m!lk works really well in this m!lkshake - sadly we no longer can use them.

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