vegan, gluten-free chocolate-chip cookies

  • Yield:

    24 cookies
  • Cooking Method:

  • Prep Time:

    5 mins
  • Cook Time:

    17 mins
vegan, gluten-free chocolate-chip cookies

Really easy to make, for speedy scrumptious results, these cookies are impossible to mess up and great for children learning to bake. (We also enjoy eating the raw cookie dough!)  


  • 4 oz sunflower spread
  • 4 oz sugar
  • 6 oz gluten-free self-raising flour (we use Doves)
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • generous sprinkling of chocolate chips* (around 2 oz)


  1. Preheat the oven to 150°C (fan oven) and prep a large baking tray with baking paper.

    vegan, gluten-free chocolate-chip cookies
    yummy cookie dough!

  2. Beat the sunflower spread and sugar together until creamed.

  3. Add the flour and salt to the mix and combine, add the vanilla as it starts to turn into a dough. Don't over-beat the mix.

  4. Stir in your chocolate chips* as many or as few as you fancy!

  5. Dollop spoonfuls of the mix onto your waiting baking tray - you can see the size we make ours in the photo. Pop into the oven for 17** minutes. Leave the cookies on their tray for 3 minutes once they have come out of the oven before transferring onto a cooling rack (or onto a waiting plate!)


*as it is often hard to find chocolate chips free-from dairy and soya we sometimes chop up safe dark chocolate into chunks to go in these scrummy cookies. 

**If you prefer crunchy biscuits bake these for 20 minutes, if you prefer them softer go for 15 minutes. We like ours between the two and bake them for 17 minutes to get our crunchy/chewy perfection balance! Likewise if you choose to make mahooosive cookies they will need to bake for longer than 17 minutes.