paper-thin crepes

  • Yield:

    15 pancakes
  • Cooking Method:

  • Prep Time:

    15 mins
  • Cook Time:

    15 mins
paper-thin crepes

I grew up having pancakes every Saturday morning; with various neighbours invited to indulge with us. It was a tradition I wanted to continue, but obviously with Aars severe allergies they needed to be egg-free, dairy-free & soya-free. We experimented with many variations, and these are our favourite - they are nearly crepes! 

thers join us - friends and family. Everyone who's tried these egg-free, dairy free paper-thin pancakes agree; they are delectable and very more-ish.


  • 2¾ C m!lk alternative*
  • 2 C flour
  • 2 tsp (flat) baking powder
  • twist of salt
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients in the order above. Whisk them all together to form a lovely runny batter.

  2. You can leave the mix to sit for 30 mins - to get rid of the little lumps (but if you have impatient kiddies about you (like I do) you can start making the pancakes right away - the lumps disappear as you cook. If you do leave the batter to sit for half an hour -whisk again before you use it.

  3. Heat up your pan - we use a non-stick stone pan on a fairly high heat. When it's hot 

    paper thin crepe
    numnumnum ready to plate!

  4. add a little sunflower spread to melt, then ladle in your batter and spread it immediately to fill your pan. When the edges start to brown flip it over, when second side is golden brown place on plate!! 🙂 

  5. We eat these as we make them as we all love making the pancakes so it is a constant chain of frying, flipping and gobbling down! Any excess mix I pour into a glass jar, lid it and pop into the fridge for the following morning - it's even better the second day! 


*we use KOKO a very thin coconut m!lk, if you're allergic to coconut use another thin m!lk alternative like rice m!lk.

I like maple syrup & ground cinnamon, others favour the traditional fresh lemon and sugar, or golden syrup... The weirdest combo was created by my cousin who had melted marshmallow (place 2 or 3 on the pancake after the first flip it) with cinnamon (yum) but then added lemon juice 😛 - he managed to eat the whole thing, but didn't fancy any more after that - funnily enough! 

Let me know your whackiest toppings! Get creative making your crepes your own!