home-made chocolate hearts

  • Yield:

    makes 2 large hearts
  • Cooking Method:

  • Prep Time:

    12 mins
  • Cook Time:

    12 mins
home-made chocolate hearts

Finding the safe free-from chocolate valentine gifts is near impossible; this is a very simple way to make home-made chocolate ♥ which are perfect for your loved ones with severe food allergies. All you need is a ♥ shaped cookie cutter, tin foil and your go-to free-from safe chocolate. Pictured is the chocolate ♥ I made last year for my son - it was chocolate orange with honeycomb on top. You can tailor this versatile recipe to suit your loved ones preferences. 


  • one slab of safe chocolate broken up (100g)
  • 1 tsp of orange extract (or which ever flavour your child will prefer)
  • toppings - (mini-marshmallows, honeycomb, popcorn, nuts, raisins... you know what your child will love!)


  1. Cover a flat board in tin foil (it helps cool the choc). Use a large ♥ shaped cookie-cutter to create the shape and size you want your final chocolate to be. Get a length of foil and fold it over and over (at least four times) so it is strong, then shape the foil around the cookie cutter (see the photo to get a sense of how it should look). Use tape (I used masking tape as it's easy to peel off) to seal the foil shape to the foil base so there can be no leakages.

    prep done; time to melt

  2. Get your toppings ready.

  3. Pour boiling water into a small saucepan, sit a glass bowl in the pan and add the broken pieces of safe chocolate. If you are adding a flavour do it as the chocolate begins to melt, and stir it in. My son ♥'s chocolate orange so I added orange extract to his chocolate. Allow the chocolate to melt and combine slowly in the glass bowl - keep stirring it.

  4. When it's melted pour into your waiting shapes make sure it reaches the edges (don't go too thick or it will be hard to get out of the cutter) Sprinkle your toppings on (I like simplicity so did one topping per ♥ some people like to go crazy!)

  5. Leave in a cool room to set (mine took about an hour in my studio).

    no leakages

  6. When they have set (press the middle gently to check it's solid) carefully remove the foil from the edges. Very gently press the chocolate out of the cutter.

  7. Voila! Give them to the one you love...or pop into a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon and tag to store in a cool place until you see the lucky recipient of your chocolate ♥.


Let me know how you make your chocolate ♥ gifts unique for those you love.