pineapple, cucumber, spinach, lime & ginger-root juice

  • Yield:

    serves 4
  • Cooking Method:

  • Prep Time:

    15 mins
  • Cook Time:

    0 mins
pineapple, cucumber, spinach, lime & ginger-root juice

This juice is delicious and a brilliant way to get all the best bits of pineapple into your system! When I am feeling down this juice perks me up and brings a little tropical sunshine into my world. Its great for your digestion and pineapple is a unique fruit as it's GI is better when juiced than eaten whole! I make this in the morning and enjoy a glass (or two) for brekkie, and then put the rest into one of my recycled glass jars with a sealed lid, pop it into the fridge to enjoy the rest at lunch time. YUM! 


  • 1 pineapple skinned
  • 1 cucumber 
  • 2-3 huge handfuls of spinach
  • 4 cm³ ginger root (de-skined)
  • 1 lime (peeled - but leave as much pith on as pos!)


  1. Juice your spinach, pineapple and cucumber together into a jug. I do a handful of spinach, then a chunk of pineapple, followed by a chunk of cucumber over and over again. Once they're juiced put your ginger and lime through the juicer. I put some of the pulp through again to ensure I get all the ginger and lime flavour.

  2. Pour as much as you want to drink now into a glass. Pop the rest into a glass jar with a lid, and into the fridge for later*


*I use a recycled passata jar, with a tight lid to keep my juices in the fridge. The juice will stay good for up to 20 hours.