frothy iced coffee

  • Yield:

    serves 1
  • Cooking Method:

    espresso & liquidiser
  • Prep Time:

    12 mins
  • Cook Time:

    0 mins


frothy iced coffee

This is my very refreshing, super cool, frothy iced coffee. This is a little less intense than my icy espresso as I have added a milk alternative (and a spot of sweetness) into the mix. Perfect for hot & sunny days, this is  a great way to get your delicious coffee hit; refreshing and free-from all that dairy & soy they pour in at chain coffee shops.  I hope you enjoy.


  • 3 espresso shots
  • squeeze of agave nectar*
  • couple of large handfuls of ice
  • 100ml m!lk alternative (I love Koko a coconut milk)


  1. Make your espresso, I use my very old Italian moka express to get 3 strong shots. I let it cool a little, and get the rest of the ingredients ready.

  2. Into your liquidiser pour your cooling 3 shots of espresso, a squeeze of agave nectar* (as big or small as you like), a couple of huge handfuls of ice and blitz the lot for a minute.

  3. Now add your m!lk alternative - if you can have nut-m!lks they work well, I tend to use koko a coconut m!lk. Blitz again until the ice is intent shavings. Pour into your glass of choice and enjoy. 


*if you are using a sugar grain rather than a syrup, dissolve it in the espresso when you first make it.