catch up time!
It's been a long time! It's been a tough time! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger they say! We are still alive and kicking - not feeling too strong but our relationship continues to be a blessing and grows in honesty and authenticity as we survive all that life throws at us! Peace to you, Rai x
wild garlic galore!
It's going to be a stunning bank holiday weekend, so why not venture out for some wild garlic foraging! It's fun and deliciousness results from the fresh subtle wild garlic free-from recipes I've developed - like vegan, gluten-free wild garlic gnocchi, courgettie, & this scrummy herby pesto!
Allergy Awareness Week : all about travelling with allergies
Sharing our approach to adventuring beyond the confines of home! Start small and slowly expand your comfort zone as your confidence increases.
…and we’re back!
...following WordPress thowing an invisibility cloak over my blog so even I couldn't see it... we are back with news that suits the sunshine and smiles...