Travelling Through France & Anaphylaxis

These are my handy hints for travelling through France! I may add to them after our trip 😛

  1. Remember S.O.S is an international distress signal, as anaphylaxis impacts Aars breathing and speech knowing how to clap S.O.S. (…– – –…) can save his life.
  2. Make sure you have your childs European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – it is free, takes about 2 weeks to arrive and is very useful should you need any medical attention.
  3. Know the emergency number to call from your mobile is 112  you can use it across Europe for any emergency and you will be connected to an English speaking operator.
  4. In France it’s the fire brigade; les sapeurs pompiers, who are trained and equipped to deal with medical emergencies. They provide an ambulance service with their specially equipped vans. In many areas, especially rural regions, they will be fastest to the scene. From a landline call 18
  5. Have a copy of the useful vocabulary in your childs meds bag – your mind may go blank if anaphylaxis strikes.
  6. Make sure you always have your mobile on you, that you can make calls when you’re abroad, and that you have it charged up at all times.
  7. Know where the closest A&E’s are on your journey and at your destination.


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