Silver Birch Pollen Allergy

Last year Aars’ allergies seemed to be spiralling out of control, he was reacting to his fruit smoothie, apples, soya milk… He had two awful anaphylactic shocks; one of which resulted in him being admitted. The silver lining of this horrific time was that I asked our GP to refer him to a hospital in London where they had paediatric allergists, and he did immediately. Within a month we were at their allergy clinic, they tested Aars for 26 different allergens – we were shocked! Our experience ’til then at our local hospital was that they would only test him for things he had gone into anaphylaxis from – about 4 months after the event.

One of the 26 was to check for an allergy to Silver Birch Pollen – he doesn’t get hay fever so it made little sense to me, but he got 15 on the skin prick test! It was worse than his reaction to raw egg at 8, and raw dairy at 11. Neither he nor I could believe it!  Apparently there is a cross-reactivity between silver birch pollen and different foods – including soya, apple, peach…resulting on oral allergy syndrome.

The best paper I could find on it was this one – it explains how silver birch pollen has different allergens, and how their proteins are structurally similar to the proteins found in different foods – like apple or soya… Yesterday we had a very useful, positive, informative appointment with the paediatric allergist consultant – she was brilliant, explained Aars IgE blood test results to us and gave us great advice and a plan for the coming months until we see her in March or April. It was a long day and we were both knackered by it so I will not try and explain it all now but will do that next week. We are in good hands, Aars is feeling safe, positive, hopeful and looked after/cared for… we have more lifestyle changes to make but that is cool if it helps him lead a more healthy life.





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