My first ever blog success!

As you may have noticed I am participating in #aveganholiday. Ten years ago when was learning how to bake without egg or dairy for my son with severe allergies, my vegan friends and their recipe books were a godsend. I highly recommend vegan blogs and cookbooks to parents of children with dairy and egg allergies; I learnt how to play with other recipes by reading theirs.

I am so happy to be able to participate with so many lovely people this holiday season. It is one of the occasions where I feel free to, as my vegan friends are health conscious and that my vegan cooking isn’t; most of my recipes have been designed to get weight onto my sons skinny frame. However this is the season for some naughty treats I believe.

The friendly fig have done a weekly round up of their fav recipes of the week – you can check it out here. Astoundingly one of my recipes made it into the listings! I am so very chuffed 🙂

Top of the list however was a knockout Christmas drink – egg-free eggnog by Aileen at Morsels and Moonshine. Uber yummy and for grown ups not sons! Seriously you need to make this delicious drink this Christmas – or tonight – relax, savour and enjoy.



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