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enjoying crepes for breakfast

Greetings all you lovelies in the land of blog ūüôā

I am back, having finally recovered from the school trip to France!! This is a photo of Aars enjoying his egg-free, dairy-free crepes with yummy dark chocolate sauce – just to show it wasn’t all bad! We also got to visit some stunning¬†sites like Mont Saint Michel and Fougeres. The children were all lovely, there was only one day of lots of vomming on the coach, ¬†I didn’t embarrass Aars… so the things we’d been¬†dreading¬†were fine. Of course life’s never plain sailing…so there were some hiccups along the way!

Hiccups included some of the food I had prepared for Aars being stolen on the first night, which screwed my¬†meal plans hugely ūüôĀ two of the breakfasts and two¬†of the diners gone on the first night! Another evening really stinky cheeses were¬†cut and spread all over the “safe” room designated for me to cook in and Aars to eat in – he had an instant reaction with his eyes streaming, swelling and red – luckily no anaphylaxis but we had to vacate the room pronto and he needed antihistamine. Whilst I was looking after Aars, said¬†cheeses were placed uncovered into the “safe” fridge designated for Aars perishables, contaminating some of Aars diminishing¬†supply of food!¬†On the hottest and longest day of the trip a¬†child vommed on Aars lunch = no lunch for him! Due to all the¬†problems¬†I didn’t get to¬†eat breakfast or dinner on a couple of days and there was a distinct lack of sleep all round!


Added to all of this, there was¬†an unpleasant adult on the trip who lacked compassion, empathy or care – on¬†the last day (for the first time EVER) I¬†found myself wishing that she would experience anaphylaxis, so she¬†could learn what it’s like and gain some sympathy or understanding – the fact that notion flitted through my mind¬†made me feel horrifically nasty¬†and guilty¬†last week. I¬†have been really weighed down by the fact I thought it¬†and have struggled with myself¬†as I have never¬†wished anaphylaxis on anyone. I have experienced many unpleasant things in life – being born into civil war in Beirut, living through army riots in Cairo… but Aars going into anaphylactic shock is the worst. It’s horrific to watch your child struggling to breath, close to death and aware of their mortality.

To counter the negativity I made three animto videos of the trip last week, for the children – it¬†kept¬†me focused on all the positives enjoyed.¬†Happily I have finally recovered from the hiccups, and the mean in me has dissolved – this weekend was perfect with some really delicious treats celebrating food at #tasteoflondon, a little retail therapy on Oxford St, and seeing¬†Blur live in Hyde Park = awesome ūüėÄ

Aars at Fougeres

Thus recovered, I have been baking up a storm this morn, later this week you should see a couple of these winners:

  • Banana and sweet potato bread (Gf, Ef, Df, Syf, Nf…) my fave of the day!
  • Really simple, gluten-free bread which is also Ef, Df, Syf, Nf…
  • Hazelnut brownies – Ef, Df, Syf, Gf a bit like BOOM Brownies!

Also wanted to give you the heads up that I am going to be playing around with my blog over the next couple of weeks – I hope it doesn’t inconvenience you in any way!

Peace and smiles to each of you,

Rai x

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