Iced Frothy Coffee

keeping you cool!
keeping you cool!

The sun is shining, a heatwave is sweeping through Surreys hills and I would like to share with you my very refreshing, super cool, iced frothy coffee. This is a little less intense than my icy espresso as I have added a milk alternative (and a spot of sugar) into the mix 🙂

This is  a great way to get your delicious coffee hit, in a refreshing way on a hot day like today! I hope you enjoy.

Iced Frothy Coffee – Ingredients

ice, esspresso shots (I use 3), demerara sugar, milk alternative (today I used almond milk)

Iced Frothy Coffee – Process (makes a pint of cooling loveliness)

  • Make your espresso coffee (I made 3)
    coffee + ice = jolly nice!
    coffee + ice = jolly nice!
  • Pour into a cup and add your sugar hit! ( I added 1 tsp demerara)
  • Stir until the sugar has dissolved
  • Into you blender add:
    • a couple of BIG handfuls of ice
    • 100 ml milk alternative of choice (I used almond milk)
    • your espresso
  • Blizt until all the ice is crushed
  • Pour/ spoon out into a waiting glass (or glasses – if you are sharing your cool coffee)

Enjoy! I hope you get out in the sunshine this eve too!  x



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