Homemade Nutella

not quite the texture I hoped for!

A few weeks ago I got very excited by the idea of creating my own homemade nutella. My delight was in the notion that Aars would be able to enjoy dairy-free, soya-free nutella… However it didn’t turn out how I had hoped – the hazelnuts stayed a bit grainy, so the end result was not as smoooooth as I’d anticipated.  That said, I have been using it in my baking and it has been awesome for that, and I reckon it would rock in smoothies too.

My sisters thought that some people might still appreciate the recipe, as some may not be as fussy as I am about these things… so here it is – for you to use in the other recipes I am going to share as I use it all up!! You may be able to refine it so that it does work as a nutella in it’s own right – and if you do please pass the recipe on! Thank you x

Homemade Nutella – Ingredients

blizt away!

soaked hazelnuts, maple syrup, cocoa powder

Homemade Nutella – Process

  • Soak 1 C whole hazelnuts over night
  • Rinse in the morning
  • Pop into a food processor and blizt for about 15 minutes
  • Add:
    • ½ C maple syrup
    • 6 Tbs cocoa powder
  • Blizt some more until they are totally combined
  • Pop into some clean, sterilised jars and into the fridge ready for when you want to use them.
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