Bonkers Brownie Biscuits! (a.k.a Mmmm mmm mmmmmmm)

crispy outside gooey inside!
crispy outside gooey inside!

These biscuits are a little bit bonkers! My partner absolutely adored them and when I asked him to describe them he could only say “Mmmm mmm mmmmmmm!” as he shovelled them in one after another! They are a bit like brownies in a biscuit form – they are incredible straight from the oven – the outside has a little crispy crunch or bite, while the inside is über gooey and chewy! They were an absolute fluke as I wanted to use up the homemade nutella I had stored in the fridge, but I have made them twice and they have turned out the same both times and were gobbled up super speedily! Apparently one of the best of my creations according to my chief food-tester – even better than BOOM Brownies!

Even better there are no dairy, eggs, soya, or gluten in them. They are really easy for children to make and super fast – so nearly instant gratification. If you do give them a go let me know how you would describe them please 🙂 as I personally found them a little peculiar – not really like anything I have eaten before!!

Bonkers Brownie Biscuits! (a.k.a Mmmm mmm mmmmmmm) – Ingredients

spaced out splodges
spaced out splodges

ground almonds, bicarbonate of soda, salt, maple syrup, muscovado sugar, cornflour, cocoa powder, homemade nutella, chocolate (I used willies choc drops 70% cocoa solids as it’s dairy-free and soya-free)

Bonkers Brownie Biscuits! (a.k.a Mmmm mmm mmmmmmm) – Process (makes 18)

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C (fan)
  • Prep a baking tray with some baking paper
  • In a bowl combine the following:
    • 1 C ground almonds
    • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
    • grind of salt
    • 4 Tbs maple syrup
    • 4 Tbs muscovado sugar
      splodges have splurged and spread
    • ½ C cornflour
    • 4 Tbs cocoa powder
    • 4 Tbs homemade nutella
  • Stir it up until its all combined in a gooey sticky mess
  • Chop up some chocolate to make choc-chunks and add them to the mix too
  • Once the choc-chunks are mixed in you can dollop blobs of the mix on to your tray
  • Leave a good space between the blobs as they will spread into the space
  • Pop into the oven and cook for 8/9 mins only (If you cook them for longer they will go really hard and crunchy!)
  • Let them sit on the tray for a few minutes before transferring onto your cooling rack or plate!
  • They are amazing still warm

I really hope you enjoy these weird maybe wonderful creations!


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