Avocado → Guacamole

tasty treat

Yesterday I mentioned our advocado→guacamole dip for sweet potato chunky chips. Basically Aars likes it simple: advocado mashed up with a tiny squeeze of lime, and I like mine a little more like guacamole and tangy. You can decide where on the scale you prefer yours, I will share my recipe and you can add to or pare it back to your taste.

Avocado → Guacamole – Fresh Ingredients

Avocado, lime, tomato, chilli (I use a cayenne)

Avocado → Guacamole – Process

  • In a bowl mash up:
    • the flesh from 1 avocado
    • juice from half a lime
    • chopped up flame grilled chilli (I skewer it & my hob gas flame until blackened)
  • Then stir in
    • chopped up tomatoes (I use vine cherry tomatoes about 6 of them)



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