Appetising Autumnal Soup

ready to tuck into

As the leaves start to transform into their stunning autumnal hues, my appetite begins to adapt too. Soup, so comforting, cosy and warm becomes a favourite – along with fresh bread.

This one is super easy and very scrummy. Being brought up in warmer climes than England I like my cayenne chilli peppers – you can reduce your chilli input if you are inclined as this soup is hot in every sense of the word!

Appetising Autumnal Soup Ingredients

olive oil, cayenne chilli pepper, leek, potato, carrot, fresh thyme, fresh bay leaves salt, pepper, water

chopped veg and fresh herbs sizzling

Appetising Autumnal Soup Process

  • In a thick based saucepan add the following:
    • good couple of glugs of olive oil
    • add 2 cayenne chillies chopped (you can use more or less)
    • a happy sprinkling of cayenne pepper (to your taste buds satisfaction)
    • 1 leek chopped finely
    • 1 potato cut into smallish cubes
    • 1 carrot sliced
  • bung the lid on and allow to sizzle and sweat for about 15 mins on a fairly low heat
  • add the following :
    • fresh thyme
    • a couple of bay leaves
    • salt
    • pepper (all to your taste)
    • stir in
    • add hot water to fill the pan
  • leave to stew for about 15 mins – basically until the potatoes are soft – you can see the sizes of my chopped veg in the photo.
  • once cooked liquidise
  • serve in a large bowl and get slurping 🙂

I served my partner his with a big dollop of organic bio yoghurt to reduce the heat levels for him, but is just as scrummy unadulterated.



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