Aars’ birthday :) something to celebrate!

birthday cake - it's a serious business!
birthday cake – it’s a serious business!

We have something wonderful to celebrate today – Aars’ twelfth birthday! Yes indeed-ie; it’s a big deal for us. Anaphylaxis has hit him four times in his life thus far and he has survived. It feels like a huge accomplishment to have helped him reach this fine old age ;P

I am so proud of how sensible he is when it comes to food and carrying his epi-pens on him at all times. I am amazed by his ability to take responsibility for himself and his own welfare in situations which could be deemed as embarrassing or drawing negative attention to himself.

I am proud that he doesn’t let allergies limit him or define who he is or what he can do – it only defines what he can eat!! I am so pleased that he dares to travel, to try new experiences, venture into places where allergens are present.

I am grateful that I can trust him to take care of himself, I am grateful for the amazing friends he has who have spoken out on his behalf when food bullying has occurred and who have supported him and understand what anaphylaxis is, and what anaphylactic shock means for Aars. (I am grateful for their lovely parents too for bringing them up to be aware and care – Thank you!!)

Thank you to all of you who have helped ensure Aars gets to this fine age of twelve! I appreciate it immensely 🙂

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