Aars' Apple Crumble

sunshine in a ramekin

One of Aars’ favourite deserts is apple crumble. Although we first started making this in Autumn at our old house where there were apples galore, free for the picking; we now enjoy Aars’ apple crumble in spring, summer and winter. I have a very happy memory of Aars aged 6 in my kitchen, directing my dad “Pops” (who does not cook ever, at all, absolutely never) how to make apple crumble. He had Pops peeling and coring the large cooking apples we had scrumped. Aars had his special knife he was allowed to use (supervised) to cut them into nice big chunks. He got Pops to boil a kettle and they made a yummy apple base. You can read the recipe they used here – so easy and simple even Pops and Aars aged 6 could do it between them.

cutting up the spread

Aars likes his apple crumble in lots of small ramekins – I think this is because he sussed out he gets a better crumble:apple ratio, and he loves his crumble! So he got Pops to do the tricky job of spooning out the hot apple base into the ramekins he’s chosen (no more than half full), the rest went in my Granny Jo’s old Denby dish for us adults to have a big shared apple crumble. Aars took control of the crumble making as I taught him to freestyle it! A bit of whatever he fancies – so long as the proportions are right. The dry ingredients are the guide so if the dry ingredients = 100g, then there needs to be 50g sugar and 50 g spread. The dry ingredients can be made up from whichever combos he’s in the mood for and the sugar can be of his own choice too. Here’s his latest version!

Aars’ Apple Crumble – Ingredients

Stewed apple, spread, plain flour, oats, demerara sugar, cinnamon, chopped hazelnuts

Aars’ Apple Crumble – Process (makes 4 ramekins)

  • Preheat the oven to 170ºC
    nearly ready to go
  • Place the stewed apple in the dish or ramekins of your choice
  • In a bowl add the following:
    • 35 g plain flour
    • 10g oats
    • 5 g chopped roasted hazel nuts
    • 1 tsp cinnamon
    • 25 g demerara sugar
    • 25 g sunflower spread in bits
  • Rub the mix together between the tips of cold fingers
  • When it reaches a light breadcrumb texture stop!
  • Spoon your crumble onto your stewed apple
  • Pop in the oven
  • Little ramekins only take about 10 minutes, a proper dish would take around half an hour – dependant on it’s size
  • Allow to cool a little before digging in


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