cookie-cutter compatible shortbread!

  • Yield:

    makes about 30 (dependant on size!)
  • Cooking Method:

  • Prep Time:

    30 mins
  • Cook Time:

    7 mins


cookie-cutter compatible shortbread!

Cookie-cutter compatible shortbread means that you can create biscuits which go with any themed party or occasion! The photo shows some I made for my niece's 4th birthday party - she had a Frozen theme. Aars loved his animals and vehicle cookie cutters when he was a tot, now it tends to be restricted to stars for Christmas.


  • 1 C sunflower spread
  • ½ C icing sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2C plain flour
  • ¼tsp salt


  1. Cream together the spread & icing sugar, then add the vanilla, flour and salt. Don't over beat it - as soon as it's all combined turn out onto some cling film and use the cling film to squash it all together. Tighten the cling film to seal it and pop it into the

    cookie-cutter dough
    dough wrapped & ready for the fridge

  2. fridge for an hour (or longer!) to chill. (This makes the dough much easier to work with and ensures that your shapes hold their shape!)

  3. Time for a cuppa - or catch up with your fave foodie blogs... after an hour turn your oven on to heat up to 180°C, and prep two baking trays with baking paper.

  4. Place a large sheet of baking paper on your work surface to work on with a good sprinkling of flour so the dough doesn't stick. The dough is very fragile so the baking paper is a good way of lifting it onto your rolling pin for flipping.

  5. Roll out the dough to about ¼ inch deep, then c

    golden tips = time to come out of the oven
    golden tips = time to come out of the oven

  6. ut out your shapes - stars, snowflakes... whatever you (or your child) fancy. Place your biscuit shapes onto the first baking tray. Don't handle the dough too much or too heavily.

  7. When the tray is full pop into the oven. Biscuits take a different length of time to bake dependant on their size; small shapes about 5 mins, these snowflakes were 7 mins. Basic rule is cook 'til they start to go golden on edges (see photo). When they start to go golden remove from the oven and carefully lift onto a cooling rack to cool.

  8. If you want to make a simple icing do it now while they cool. I made the icing for these snowflakes thus: In bowl combine ½ C icing sugar with 2 tsp water, mix well. Spoon the lot into a sandwich bag (I use easy seal ones - cheap and cheerful) Use the side of your hand to push all the icing into one corner. Cut the very edge of the corner to create a tiny, tiny hole to pipe the icing through.

  9. When the shapes are cold (not cool - but cold) pop them on the baking paper they baked on and get piping! Any drips will be on the paper ready for the bin.


Try one or two or three or four (dependant on size) - they are incredibly moreish! 

We'd love to see your favourite shapes and decorations! Get sharing 🙂