vegan, nut-free, soy-free chocolate truffles
These scrummy choc truffles are full of fab-4-you ingredients. Super fast and easy to make, free-from all allergens, but be warned they don't last long - one of mine is already gone!
the allergy + free from show 2017
My review of the the allergy + free from London show 2017! I laughed, cried, learnt, questioned, chatted, connected and ate and ate and ate! Go if you can it is BRILLIANT!
vegan snickers m!lkshake
This vegan snickers m!lkshake tastes oh-so indulgent and naughty, but is really rammed full of fab-for-you raw ingredients, making it a Win:Win delicious delight. Enjoy x
simple, speedy, scrummy broccoli!
Really easy to make, even easier to eat yummy vegan meal ram-packed full of fabulous flavours from the delicious fresh chilli, lime and ginger-root. Enjoy x