…and we’re back!
...following WordPress thowing an invisibility cloak over my blog so even I couldn't see it... we are back with news that suits the sunshine and smiles...
Aars is 14! but it’s being a little overshadowed by hospital…
Last Tuesday at the Royal Free, going under general for the third time in 18 months to see if the steroids he's been taking for the last 3 months have reduced the EoE, we return tomorrow to get the results... And smack bang in the middle is his fourteenth birthday... this is a very honest post reflecting on living with the constant shadows of EoE, Eg and Anaphylaxis.
green juices
Green juices (& some orange and beetroot coloured ones too!). Really easy to make and great for your bods, giving energy and much needed nutrients. Like liquid sunshine for your insides!
spiced vegan & gluten-free flapjacks
Rammed full of fabulous flavoursome Christmas spices these flapjacks super simple and speedy to make!